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Story Consulting, Development, and Editing Services for Writers

You have a story to tell and I'm Here to
You have a story to tell and I'm Here to

Book Services

If you're looking for a developmental review for your story, look no further. Whether you have a completed manuscript or a work in progress, I am happy to provide a thorough evaluation. 

I offer a developmental overview evaluation and an in-depth developmental edit for both fiction and nonfiction. 

For the DEVELOPMENTAL OVERVIEW, I write a detailed letter that analyzes your story and provides detailed feedback on plot, story structure, tension, stakes, pacing, and character development. These are crucial storytelling elements that, if executed successfully, keep the reader turning the page. 

For the IN-DEPTH DEVELOPMENTAL EDIT, I will provide an overview letter along with thorough in-document comments that provide detailed feedback within each scene. This may be pointing out inconsistencies, highlighting where you can provide more emotional resonance, areas that could benefit from more description or where the pacing lags, etc. These specific edits will encourage you to take a deeper look at your writing and will provide you with the tools to enhance your story to the very end.

I also offer LINE EDITING which is for writers who believe their story is past the developmental phase. The story works and now it's time to evaluate your manuscript on the sentence-level. For line editing, I focus on the language, tone, and flow of your sentences. I help streamline ideas, smooth out clunky or awkward phrases, emphasize the importance of word choice, all of which strengthen the prose and style of your writing. The aim of this service is to elevate your manuscript to the most professional standard possible before going on submission. 

While the above are my most popular services, I also help with Query Letters, Synopses, Screenplays, and Brainstorming Materials (outlines, character profiles, etc.). I'm also available for customized services based on your needs.

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