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The One with Ciara Duggan

In the ninth episode of This Podcast Needs a Title, Peter and Erica talk with 2020 Book Pipeline Unpublished finalist Ciara Duggan about the release of her debut novel, TV watching habits, and the importance of self-care. Come from the insights on writing and editing, and stay for the debate on the glories (real meaning: disgustingness) of caffeinated pink Crystal Light. Feature.png

Acquisition Announcement:



by Ciara Duggan

Author and screenwriter Ciara Duggan weaves our newest acquisition: the tale of freshman Hannah Fenwick, who yearns a fresh start after losing her parents. But at her college, enchantment, a hoard of magical creatures, and a dashing, centuries-old witch lay dormant...

Hannah's and Callan's adventure of magical misfortune releases in 2021, and will appeal to teen and adult readers who enjoy fantasy, and fans of The Vampire Diaries.

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